Satin Finishes

We offer the satin finishes listed below across all metal types. To speak with the Pride Metals team about your project, request a quote.

RA/RMS Satin Finish

RA/RMS is a metered soft satin finish. During the finishing process, measurements are taken of the depth and top of the grain to determine the Roughness Average (RA) or Root Mean Square (RMS) until the overall roughness meets our customer’s specifications.

#4 Satin Finish

The industry standard satin finish, #4 satin is used in a variety of industries and applications. The #4 finish gives metal a unidirectional and textured, yet smooth appearance. Though most commonly applied to 304 stainless steel, this finish looks great on all metals, including bronze, brass, and aluminum.

#6 Satin Finish

This finish is similar to #4 satin, but with an even finer texture for a smoother appearance and brighter sheen. To achieve this finish, the metal undergoes additional polishing with a 240-320 grit abrasive belt, followed by cloth buffing.

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