Commercial Bronze

Commercial bronze is a copper alloy composed of 90% copper and 10% zinc. Available in sheets and plates, this alloy has a reddish color due to its high copper content. Commercial bronze is less popular than other copper alloys in the architectural industry, but it is commonly used for elevators and escalators, and sometimes in entryways. It is also a popular wrought metal, and used for fasteners, rivets, and bolts.

Properties of Commercial Bronze
Commercial bronze has seveal practical properties. Chief among these is its excellent malleability, which gives it a high capacity for being cold worked. It also has good strength and hardness, corrosion resistance, and ductility. 

Cleaning Bronze
If dirt and grime have marred the surface of commercial bronze, this metal can be restored and cleaned using a solution of 50% lacquer thinners and 50% water. When cleaning commercial bronze, clean only with the direction of the grain, rather than against the grain. Use a lint-free cloth to clean the surface, then rinse the metal, and finally wipe dry with another clean, lint-free cloth.

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