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Metal Types & Products

Our offerings cover a wide range of metal types and products, each available in a variety of expert finishes to suit the needs of your project.

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Metal Types

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Our customers call on us to finish a wide variety of metals, including Stainless Steel, Muntz Metal / Naval Brass, Architectural Bronze, Commercial Bronze, Brass, Copper, and Aluminum.

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We offer professional metal finishing on an array of products. To see what metals and finishes are compatible with your product, select a product page for more information.

If you have any questions, including inquiries about available products and custom finishes, please contact one of our experts.


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All metal finishing is done in-house by skilled craftsmen within our facility to ensure maximum quality and reliability.

RA/RMS is available on most products, please inquire with one of our experts. All other finishes are compatible with every Metal and Product we offer.

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