Industrial Projects

Pride Polishing provides professional, reliable, and high-quality industrial metal finishing services to meet the rigorous standards of many industrial projects and use cases. Our expertise with various industrial metals and finishes means we can provide the precise metal products needed for your project.

elevator cabs

Some examples of industrial metal products our team has provided finishing services for include:

  • Food products 
  • Brewery and wine tanks
  • Pharmaceutical tanks 
  • Manufacturing equipment and machinery

We have experience meeting the stringent requirements of industries such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, where sanitary, bacteria-resistant equipment is paramount. We also have experience producing food-grade metal finishes for businesses in food production, breweries, restaurants, and more.

Finishes commonly employed in industrial environments include RA/RMS, satin, and mirror finishes. Stainless steel is the most common metal used for these projects, and our extensive knowledge of stainless means you can rely on our professionals not just for production, but also for consultation throughout your project. Count on Pride Polishing for all your industrial metal finishing needs!

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