As part of our West Coast metal finishing and polishing work, Pride Polishing has completed numerous projects for customers in the casino industry. These projects depend on close attention to detail for perfect, unblemished finishes that compliment the stunning design and visual appeal of the casino.

semi-truck parts

Some of the most popular products and applications we’ve produced for the casino industry include:

  • Exterior storefronts, including entryways and revolving doors
  • Exterior features, such as railings, bollards, and architectural trim
  • Interiors and lobbies
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Decorative features, such as signage, custom furniture, and chandeliers

Thanks to our excellent experience in the casino industry, our team is well equipped to provide the necessary finishing work on time, every time. These projects commonly include metals such as stainless steel, brass, bronze, or muntz metal, often with mirror finishes that must be perfectly reflective to provide the right aesthetic. 

Our time spent working on projects in the casino industry also means we maintain many excellent business relationships in the industry that help to facilitate completing these projects on time and within budget. We also have the expertise necessary to help consult on casino projects, and we often provide recommendations on metal types, finishes, and other products.


We go to Pride Polishing because they are easy to work with, efficient and very friendly, and Rod’s knowledge of everything polished is second to none. They do high-quality work, they are dependable, and they offer fair and competitive pricing.
I have worked with Rod for a long time and it is always a pleasure working with him.”


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